The Rockport Fitness
Walking Test

A 1-Mile Fitness Assessment

This test requires you to walk one mile (1609 meters) as fast as possible. It requires a heart rate monitor to complete.

  • Make sure your profile in the app is correct (Gender, age, etc).
  • Weigh yourself and record it in the app just before you take the test. The app will use your most recent weight entry, however the test is more accurate if the weight is current.
  • Find a track or very flat area you can walk along unobstructed for 1 mile. A treadmill is acceptable if you have a foot pod to measure distance.
  • Warm up for 10 minutes (light walking, stretching, etc)
  • Start the assessment on the App, and start walking (no jogging or running) - Choose Walk > Workout > Rockport Walking Test
  • After 1 mile, the workout will end
  • The Recovery portion will begin (recovery is an option we've added here as another data point to assess your overall change in fitness)
  • Stand still and relax for the 2-minute recovery time
  • You will be shown your results on the final screen, as well as online and in your results listing

This fitness assessment can be used on a regular basis to show changes in your fitness levels. The best analysis of the results are by comparing it with previous results. The test environment should remain as constant as possible.

Many factors can influence results including temperature, elevation, sleep, emotional state, eating habits and more.

About the Rockport Fitness Walking Test

The Rockport Fitness Walking Test was developed by exercise physiologists and cardiologists at the Department of Exercise Science in the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Researchers sought a low-impact, safe test that involves a well-liked exercise and appealed to the broadest spectrum of users. The Rockport Institute has been studying walking and fitness since 1971 and has found this test to be the best in judging VO2 max and fitness level. [3]

It is designed for people who may not be used to physical activity. It can work for those who are unable to run or do maximal energy output activities. Please don't perform any fitness test without talking to your physician about it first.

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The formula (Kilne 1987) [1] used to calculate VO2max is: 132.853 - (0.0769 × Weight) - (0.3877 × Age) + (6.315 × Gender) - (3.2649 × Time) - (0.1565 × Heart rate)
Where: Weight is in pounds (lbs), Gender Male = 1 and Female = 0, Time is expressed in minutes and 100ths of minutes, Heart rate is in beats/minute, Age is in years

[1] KILNE, G. et al. (1987) Estimation of VO2max from a one mile track walk, gender, age and body weight. Med Sci. Sports Exerc., 19, p. 253-259
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